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10 Amazing Wedding Photographers Every Engaged Couple Would Wish To Hire

10 Amazing Wedding Photographers Every Engaged Couple Would Wish To Hire

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience that celebrates love and eternal companionship set to begin in the life of every couple. Every bride and groom wishes to immortalize their most cherished moments in their much awaited dream day.

In this event, wedding photographers join and share their greatest gift to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. In the form of their own artistic photographs, they capture every happening that paints thousands of memories.

In no particular order we gathered in a list of 10 the most amazing must hire photographers of today’s world.

Chris + Lynn Photography“The Perfect Two”
Vancouver, BC


Chris Jaksa and Lynn Tanodis a married couple who turned their passion for photography and travel into fascinating masterpieces. The two are an Emmy-award winning photographer and internationally recognized artists who specializes destination weddings at no limit!

This Canadian couple started painting their names in the field of Photojournalism. They used to shoot photos for travel magazines and wrote articles for newspapers published in Canada and United States.

The couple photographer was given the title “Storytellers by Heart” by their numerous clients who went overly satisfied with their captivating style.Lynn used the words “Cinematic, Evolving and Reflective,” in defining their wedding works.

Their client’s later coined the term “LoveScapes” to describe each canvas displayed in their studio. Below is some of their creations.

Ben Chrisman(Chrisman Studios)“Multi-Awarded Artist”
San Francisco, CA


He belongs to the Chrisman Studio along with four other wedding photographers. This award winning man who bagged 56 lifetime awards describe his photography style to be “raw, vivid, true and full of life.”

Ben’s timeless creations drove himself on the top of his career and was ranked “Photographer of the Year” for various times by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Ben works with his co-photographer and wife, Erin Chrisman. The couple was declared to belong on the list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World in the year 2008.

According to Ben, his friendly and non-traditional photography techniques is his well distinguished style. Ben’s works of art have been published in numerous reputable publications in the United States. He shared that his creative documentary skill was inspired by his favorite photojournalists named James Nachtwey, Joachim Ladefoged and David Alan Harvey.


This Polish wedding photographer who grew up in Alabama is doing her passion for 20 years. Her artistry captures not only weddings but also children and dogs. Anna is a lover of these three subjects which she admits to inspire her.

Through her witty, honest, emotional and sometimes insightful  style, Anna remarked that she wants her photos to immortalize feelings. Indeed, her promising talent and hardwork with combined luck, made her career flourish.

Anna did a lot of Photojournalism and Fine Art in her early career. She is undeniably art savvy for studying photography and fine arts in Washington University in St. Louise and San Francisco Art Institute.

She has been an 8 time WPJA winner whose masterpeices have been featured in Martha Stewart, Instyle and Real Simple magazines and museums. Also, she has been listed in the Top 10 Photographers in the World released by the Amercian Photo Magazine.


John Michael Cooper (AltF Photographers)
Godfather of the “Trash-The-Dress” Trend, Las Vegas

John Michael Cooper is a veteran wedding photographer who offers an extraordinary style of capturing wedding photos. John cracked a different trend that made wedding critics freak out. He famed the “Trash the Dress” craze that made him stand out among all.

He has been in the field for 28 years. Since landing in his artistic ventures, John was sometimes known for expressing his art in a “darker” manner. His fearless, “Dress-Unfriendly” approach shocked and entertained many viewers. He created art out of classical and sometimes cheesy settings all while offering an alternative for conventional wedding thinkers.


Brett Butterstein “Inspiring Artist”
San Diego, CA

Raised in New York, Brett is a beach and mountain lover who started photographing weddings in the year 2000. He gathered his foundations in photography at Montana State University.  Before his career in photographing weddings, he worked as a photographer at publications such as Outside Magazine and The New York Times.

He is a husband and a father of two children who currently resides in San Diego. He pose a vibrant and careful emphasis in capturing each client’s experience. As for Brett, he sets emotions of joy in his photos. He claimed that he wants to give his clients worth bragging photos.

For his exellence in the craft, he has gained 25 awards from numerous award giving bodies. The American Photo Magazine and Luxury Magazine – Just Married included him to the list of Best Wedding Photographers of the world. Brett continues to inspire other photographers by teaching international photography workshops around the world.


Eric Laurits “Headshot Specialist”
Boston, MA

He is a man who express his artisic side in a lot of fields. Eric has received awards not only in his career as a photographer but also in the field of athletics, leadership, poetry and even music as he plays saxophone.

Aside from being a famed wedding photographer, he also excelled in specializing headshots for actors and musicians. His remarkable creations earned him the title “Best Headshot Photographer in Boston.”

He earned a degree in in Music from Colby College and an M.F.A. in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory. For Eric, what made him love his work is his considered responsibility set on each couple’s big day. He feels fascinating happiness in serving his clients and making them extra happy with his innate artistry.


Adam Alex (XSiGHT UK)
“UK Trend Setter” London, UK

He continues to give UK wedding photography an exceptional class. Named as the real “People’s Photographer,” Alex is a believer of Fridge Philosophy, a view that values the essence of one’s sentiment rather than merely valuing the physical appearance.This attitude also applies in his distinctive photos that communicate each of his client’s love story.

Adam has reaped 15 Awards of Excellence in the field of International Wedding and Portrait Photography. He is also an acclaimed fashion photographer with 20 recognition from the National Master Photographer Association Awards.

This world’s premier photographer creates vibrant, and glamorous photos with classic elements. Adam has served a number of celebrity including the royal wedding of Amber and Duanne Ridinger. He is also the proud owner of XSiGHT UK and a music producer.


Kitty and Craig Fritz (Twin Lense)
“Rising Stars” Santa Fe, NM

They are the critcially acclaimed nontraditional contemporary wedding photographers who are considered the “Rising Stars of Wedding Photography” by Photo District News in 2011. This married couple are a former staff photojournalist of The Albuquerque Journal and was featured in many frontline publications.

The couple belongs to the Twin Lense circle of photographers. For them, it is a gift to work together.  The two finds documenting weddings a fulfilling job. These emotion junkies enjoy the attachment of emotion in each photo they capture.

Aside from making it to the list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers of the American Photo Magazine, the Fritzes has been honored by diverse institutions. The two were also a finalist of the Willard VanDyke Memorial Grant in Photography, William Randolph Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards, and Alexia Foundation for World Peace.


Greg Bumatay “Asian Wonder”
Fullerton, CA

Greg Bumatay is a Filipino wedding vendor who serves clients across the world. This established wedding photojournalist is also a lifestyle portrait and commercial photographer.

He was formerly employed with Warner Bros. Animantion and currently a photography teacher in Cypress College and a fulltime artist in his profession. He is a wedding vendor who offers quality images composed with a naturally romantic artistry.

Greg defines his work attitude as simple and precisely passionate for satisfaction. He also relies on his gathered experience and foundation that for him sets his distinction in the industry. Greg’s laid back personality promise his clients a fun wedding photo experience that they can look back in immortalized photographs.


Jason Groupp “Business Giant”
New York, USA

He is a stable and successful professional photographer who creates adorable wedding memories. Jason’s background in botique wedding photography gave him the idea to pursue a sophisticated style of wedding photography.

In his 25 years in the business, Jason made name in New York city with his sustained artworks that exhibit the landmark and the lover’s connection in one timeless photograph. He purposely wants each setting noticeable and his wedding buyer unforgettable.

Jason took an extensive photography program in a the Fashion Institute of Technology. He is also an experienced commercial photographer who served big clients such as J. Crew/Cuisinart and Men’s Health. With his achievements, he became one of the pick of The Knot’s 2007 “Best of Weddings.”

This multi-talented businessman Jason is the current Director of WPPI/Rangefinder and PhotoPlus Expo/PDN.

These wedding photographers have proven their exemplary talent across nations. Now that wedding themes and photos have a vast sense of style, there is no reason for every couple to stick on the stiff traditional packages. These talented artists continue to inspire many individuals.You might want to consider these wedding vendors an option on your wedding day.


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