Photo Retouching Service

Do you have some very favorite images captured by a professional photographer? You had them several months ago, and you may want them to look a little different in terms of lighting, shades and overall fashion. You might have tried on your own, but discovered that the task was too difficult for you to undertake, right? Well, your images need a little retouching so that you have your desired exposure.

No matter if you have only a little budget but a very stringent deadline. Graphic Lane specializes in providing photo retouching services at affordable costs but always on time.

photo Retouchinhg Service

What do we mean by photo retouching?

While photo retouching refers to a semi-creative option for graphics design, we always consider it as an absolutely creative job since we never adopt any shortcut way to retouch your images. With the up-to-date versions of CorelDraw, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand, our expert designers make no mistakes when adding glamour and creative flairs to bring in your much hyped exposure.

You may be thinking that is all about we have got. But we say no. We have much more for you. Just keep reading.

Our Photo Retouching services are provided in the following categories:

Photo Enhancement

As we are knowledgeable about a wide range of photo enhancement techniques along with stylizing effects, we are adept at improving the overall exposure of your photos, sharpening or whitening point adjustments and adding color adjustments. We can guarantee that our final deliverables will stand out with appealing styles as well as the appropriate application of bloom, spotlight and shaded material effects. We not only sharpen your images but also add a natural and beautiful media texture to your photos, so they look all natural.

We have seasoned knowledge about comprehensive color correction. For example, we can add the blue coolness in your photos or pinkish warmth complemented well with an added contrast or snap. We can also deal with your old photos as we know how to stylize them to bring an antique look in them.

How we handle Digital Photography or Glamour Retouching?

We create excellent exposure for any of your personal portraits. You might have profound love with a celebrity. No matter, just let us know who you like most. We can give your photos the expert touch of unflinching perfection without causing any distortion to the models or human characters in the images.

How we deal with Extreme Photo repair assignments?

  • We can reconstruct the distorted background or cramped object(s) in your photo even if it is damaged.
  • We carefully remove holes, lacerations, stains and scratches and clean dirt substances.
  • We also clean spots like the distorted spots found in negative forms.
  • We are good at fixing all blurry spots.
  • We can successfully fix flairs distortions or bright spots which are the output of excessive lighting.

How we do Photo Exposure Correction?

We acknowledge that overexposure, underexposure, improper lighting, photo lens mishandling or “out of focus” may make your outstanding and impressive images something scrap. Do not worry since we can bring back the much needed brightness to your photo by using our advanced photo exposure correction techniques.

So, you have got almost nothing to worry about for now. If you are yet to have belief in our expertise, we would highly appreciate your request for free trials.