Photo Manipulation Service

By the word “Manipulation”, we mean the action that we make to touch with our hands. When we head into photo manipulation, we make the skillful and adroit use of our hands to enhance, correct and modify our clients’ given images, so they come with a flourished look. If you think you want your high officials or customers to get an enhanced and, of course, an improved view of all your services, products, facilities, and infrastructure, Graphic Lane can be the destination to mark the end of your efforts.

So far, you are just disturbed to have the same high sales pitch in our words, right? Well, we request you to continue reading what we have got.

Offering Photo manipulation Services at Graphic Lane:

  • Jagged edges removal
  • Wrinkles and spots removal
  • Removal, addition and replacement of objects as required
  • Addition of watermarks to images
  • Conversion of photographs or images into cartoons, paintings and sketches
  • Addition and placement of missing people or object to a group
  • Red eye correction or editing
  • Alteration or modification of eye color
  • Replacement of background
  • Enlarging and cropping images without losing the picture clarity

Specialties that we boast at Graphic Lane:

“We are capable of working on a wide range of formats”

No matter, which formats your images are captured in or created with. All your images are likely to come in any of the common formats like JPEG, PNG, PGF, GIF, TIFF, RAW and PSD. We can manipulate the formats quite professionally and further convert them into your desired format without any discrepancies.

Image Manipulation Service

“We stick to the latest software applications”

To cope with the changing and varying demands of our clients, we always adhere to the latest updates when it comes to the software applications. Whatever it takes, we specialize in working with Creative Suite 2 Premium and associated plug-ins including Eye Candy, Photoshop CS, KPT and Chromatica. Thus, we value our clients’ investments.

“We maintain unquestionable expertise in photo manipulation techniques”

Whether we have to perform printing, lighting and retouching or perspective alteration and color therapy, our ultimate goal is to provide our valued clients with an outstanding deliverable. We are even ready to go to the extent that you will be provided with modifications or restoration services if you show us anything that goes beyond our promises.

“We do not believe in delivering end products after only first-hand operations”

To ensure that our clients receive the best photo manipulation services for the money, we have formed a Quality Control and Assurance crew which will actually check to see if there is anything less you’re your expectations. We do not deliver right after we perform the service. Our expert eyes and dedicated quality controllers will spend a significant amount of their expertise and time to guarantee that the final product is up to the mark.

Finally, we are really glad to offer what we have said in our service pages. At Graphic Lane, our ultimate objective is not only to make money by burning a hole in your wallet. All we care is how much professionally we serve you.