Color Correction Service

In general, an image is the visual representation of anything like an object, an individual, a scene, an abstraction or anything that we can see with human eyes. Since an image involves a particular set of elements including colors, noticeable objects, a surface on which it is produced and other relevant elements, the image becomes visually appealing and useful when it comes with perfect balance among the settings, colors and appropriate tonal range. However, it is common that you have an image that has defective coloring along with other issues, now what? Regardless of the extent of color defects, we offer professional color correction service which is exclusively oriented to correct all types of issues specific to colors.

Benefits of color correction:

If you want to have an image light balanced as well as properly adjusted to the smart tonal range, color correction is the task you need to perform. The most important aspect of this service is the adjustment which involves tint, color temperature, exposure, compensation of highlight and shadow, contrast, clarity, saturation and vibrancy. When it comes to color correction, it is crucial that all these adjustments are made with proper attention to the details. Practically speaking, Graphic Lane boasts its unflinching expertise in making these adjustments correctly.

How we ensure quality color correction services?

To achieve an optimal level of adjustments of the above elements, we use some of the most powerful photo editing applications which make our color correction initiatives outstanding. Aside from the tools, we employ seasoned editors who use their experienced hands to bring a natural but desired look of the image. While there are several things involved in color correction, we emphasize on accuracy, natural orientation and most importantly clients’ satisfaction.

A bit about our professional skills:

For any of your photo colorization demands, Graphic Lane can be the ultimate destination that has color experts who can either correct the color of your image or recolor it to apply new patterns and shades so that the final product is something unique and adequately modified to suit your needs. Our experts specialize in applying patterns, shades and color tones so smartly that you will relish the natural look of your image. We can correct the color of an individual object or a person by changing the opacity level to bring a fresh and tantalizing look. We provide the right tinges in any of your photos using all advanced and effective recolor techniques.

Let’s see our craftsmanship: 

colour adjustment


Basic aspects of our color correction service:

  • Correction of white balance
  • Adjustment of tone (Contrast and brightness)
  • Improvement of the hue and saturation of color
  • Overall colorization of an image to ensure enhanced feel and look
  • Adjustment of the white and the black level

“We offer properly timed and reasonably priced color correction services”

We acknowledge that the number of photo editing services operating today is not small. We understand the competition which mostly directs our quality, pricing and timing. While quality cannot be measured by prices, we ensure that we provide our clients at affordable rates per service. We prefer getting our clients back again and again to charging them unreasonably in a single deal. When it comes to turnaround time, we value your time and your business needs. So, we cater our services to our clients in a 24-hour deadline, and we do it without any failure.