Clipping path Service

“No More Leftovers, No Irregular Edges & No Soft Haze”

Are you relentlessly seeking the assistance of a professional clipping path service provider that comes with in-depth command over the extraction of all your complex images? Then, you have a lot of images that require delicate craftsmanship to ensure that they will be of exactly the same quality your want ahead of your big exhibition or presentation. Well, you have landed on the right destination because we have the answers to all your queries regarding the results you can expect from our clipping path services.

What we mean by a clipping path?

Typically, we acknowledge that a clipping path which we also call “deep etch” refers to a closed vector shape or path used to extract a 2D image in advanced image editing applications. The result is quite plain and the same as you expect.

  • Anything that we have inside the vector path will be retained after as we apply the clipping path
  • On the other hand, anything that we have outside the closed path will be technically excluded from the final output.

Of course, we know it depends on our capabilities whether your images will have an aliased/hard edge or an anti-aliased/soft edge as we apply the clipping path. We feel glad to inform you we are comfortable either ways. All we need is you reveal your expectations.

Following is the brief list of our offerings

Instead of exaggerating what we do, we think it is righteous that we let you know how we deliver results while maintaining the highest possible quality.

“We use no shortcuts or easy ways”

Depending on our years of experience in the industry, we have learnt that the best method to achieve desired results is to use our own hands on it. Practically speaking, we do clipping path jobs by our hands. Unlike many service providers, we do not bank on the advanced designer tools or software applications only, and we always strive to get you optimal results by using our experienced and firm hands which we have.

Things we never say

Roughly, our job involves background removal operations. To perform this, we suggest you have someone to do it by hands because handmade operations can minimize the existing amount of pixels of the background from the edge that is noticeable after the final cutout. No matter, if that individual does it on Corel, Photoshop or any similar application. We do not feel comfortable telling you to ignore 2 or 3 pixels because we know you will find the edges to be irregular after you place a freshly cutout on any blank background.

“We can control what we can do”

We pay tremendous care and attention to each pixel since we know how it matters. We are adept at having a complete control when we shape an image as we do not miss out any tiny thing from the closed path.

Clipping path Services

“This is just an example of our workmanship”

The end result

So far, we have talked about almost everything we do, but we think it is time to inform you of what we deliver in the end. Although we handle the operation using our hands, the image will not essentially free of any haze from its previous background. Be is soft or deep, it is our child play. We have the up-to-date image manipulation tools which allow us to soften the cutout edges. Thus, we replace the leftovers from the first background with the texture of the cut out object, so you will not have any complaints.