Background Removing Service

Photo background removal plays a critical role to the success of the promotional or marketing programs of a business. If you are having a plan to launch such a program in the coming months, now is the time for you to seek background removing service which will not only remove the average looking backgrounds of the product images but also add some flairs to them. In addition, you may need to use your images with natural backgrounds as cover photos for a magazine, but you want them to have stylish look. So, you have your preferences, and we are here to translate all your choices into a fantabulous fashion by means of our years of experiences in working on the image backgrounds.

What is background removal?

Simply speaking, the process of extracting people or objects from still photos and placing them on other backgrounds can be called photo background removal. Popping up objects in images is a common use of background removal services.

Standard practice involved in background removal services:

Typically, a closed vector path or clipping path easily removes the background of a photo or image. The process is conducted in a powerful image editing application. The closed vector path being applied will include anything inside it and exclude or remove anything located outside it.

Things we do at Graphic Lane:

Whether you are a business individual or you run a company or even you are looking to meet your personal demands, Graphic Lane is ready to offer its advanced expertise in background removal operations by creating high quality and flawless Photoshop clipping paths.

“We are never in a hurry to deliver services”

Instead of quick and easy methods for image outlining or digital masking, we feel comfortable to handle manual operations for background removal as we make clipping path by hands. Whatever it takes; from basic background removal to advanced and complex background knockout, we always deliver our clients high quality services. In addition, we do not consider it as a difficult task to remove the background from fur or hair. With access to different up-to-date tools and techniques, we are capable of separating hair or fur from the image background, and the end result will be a natural looking image of hair or fur.

List of our services categorized under background removing services:

  •  Removal of image background with Shadow Effect
  • Removal of image background with Clipping Path
  • Removal of image background with Mirror Effect
  • Cropping product images
  • Removal of unwanted objects or elements
  • Color and Orientation correction, Contrast modification and perspective

Offering specialties:

  • Manual edge correction and smooth perfection
  • Delivery of the highest quality images while creating different sizes and shapes
  • Flexible knockout of image background
  • Services for all types of image extensions
  • FTP access for free uploads
  • An expert Quality Control (QC) Team to supervise produced images to ensure maximum quality
  • Quick turnaround schedule, affordable prices and free trails

“We are capable of looking beyond the Clipping Path”

If you are a knowledgeable client with a demand to do something differently, we offer you our background removing services performed through Mirror Effect or Drop Shadow Effect.

You want your images to be ready for publishing, now what? They need to look thoroughly professional with sufficient amount of aesthetic quality. So, you want your editor to be able to retain the original shadows from the given images. Well, we specialize in doing that. Furthermore, we can emulate a new drop shadow and produce the images in a way that they look adequately natural with optimal lighting conditions.

If your images look dull and flat with inadequate depth, our knack is totally meant for transforming those images to professional and crisp images which you can see in some popular glossy magazines.

Finally, we are glad to let you know that you do not have to pay us before we get back to you with your ordered products.